22nd to 26th January 2024

3 game changers for a smooth and joyful transition to switzerland

5 days to creating your joyful life in Switzerland

Are you an open-minded and ambitious expat partner, striving to create your new life in Switzerland?

If navigating this transition feels overwhelming, you're not alone. Join our transformative 5-day workshop designed exclusively for individuals like you.

Is that you?
In Switzerland, you ...

  • feel alone, isolated and discouraged?
  • worry about a decreased personal life satisfaction?
  • find it very difficult to find friends and get to know anyone?
  • feel like you are stagnating in your personal and professional live?
  • think you have to pretend to be someone you are not, to fit in?
  • have to give up on your dreams, projects and career?
  • feel helpless with no support for yourself?
  • feel confused and insecure about your life here and don't know how to proceed?
  • find it's impossible to create an enriching and exciting life here?

Let's embark on this transformation together and make Switzerland your true home.


During these 5 days, you'll ...

  • better understand Swiss culture and navigate its nuances.
  • expand your network with like-minded individuals who share your journey.
  • implement actionable strategies to boost your integration and sense of belonging.
  • introduce new positive habits that align with your aspirations.
  • be setting up on the path to finally feeling at home in this beautiful but challenging country.

Book now and don't miss out on this unique opportunity to fast-track your integration journey:

What customers say about Susanne:

Sabrina Guérin - from Canada

Susanne has been greatly helpful and an amazing person to meet and have in our entourage. Before we started working together, there were lots of questions and uncertainties in my life.

Susanne has tools/ideas/suggestions for everything, supports us with great empathy and compassion. She also has a way to make us realize what is in our power and support and guide us while we are looking for solutions. On top of being wonderful at coaching us, she still goes the extra mile and personalizes the sessions to suit our needs. I found her very flexible and she always took me wherever I was in my process and went from there, which I greatly appreciated.

I loved my experience, think it was helpful and I recommend the programme, but specifically, Susanne. I would try additional programs with her anytime!
Thanks for everything Susanne!

Matthew Song Loong- from The Netherlands

Before I started working with Susanne, I found myself in quite a depressing state. Saying "yes" to her coaching program was surprisingly easy. Throughout the program, I achieved the ability to step out of my comfort zone and engage more actively in various activities.

I successfully mastered challenges that once seemed daunting. Unexpectedly, I also gained the joy of participating in Fasnacht (carnival) activities, a delightful side effect of the program.

Switzerland may be a hard nut to crack, but Suzanne can definitely help you out finding your way through!

Navigating the challenges of change together

The monumental shift of relocating to a foreign country can trigger a range of overwhelming emotions. Coupled with an initial lack of support and the need to build an entirely new network, this situation can trap you in a cycle of negative feelings and routines.

Discover the simple yet effective techniques to break free from this cycle and cultivate a positive momentum. Step by step you will move forward to create the new life you want, build meaningful connections and finally find that sense of belonging.

Let me take you by the hand and guide you towards embracing your beautiful life in Switzerland.

Elevate Your Swiss Experience:
Embrace the Life You Deserve

  • Have fun, enjoy life and be truly happy.
  • Adapt to Switzerland while staying authentic and true to yourself.
  • Meet like-minded people, make friends and new acquaintances.
  • Do what you love and realize your dreams.
  • Create new and healthy routines.
  • Switzerland is a country full of possibilities for you! 

No matter the journey that brought you to Switzerland—be it for your partner or with them—remember that your own happiness matters too.

Discover the art of crafting a new life that resonates with your aspirations. Leave behind uncertainty and anxieties, and reignite the spark of happiness within yourself. This positive transformation doesn't just impact you; it harmonizes your relationship as well. As your inner balance returns, your partner thrives in their professional pursuits, knowing that you are thriving too.

Imagine evenings and weekends spent in joyous togetherness, free from worry. Picture yourself, in just a few months, confidently guiding your partner through Switzerland's hidden treasures, unveiling the why's and how's of local customs.

Turn isolation into connection, and loneliness into joy—it all starts here. Allow me to be your guide on this transformative journey.

Your workshop host:

Susanne Widmer is a visionary, slightly romantic and very empathetic Swiss woman on a mission to empower expat partners to reclaim their strength. Her purpose is to guide them in crafting the life they truly deserve and cherish.

Born and raised in Lucerne, Switzerland,  her own journey led her across various countries, cultivating an understanding of diverse cultures. Working alongside expats worldwide, she's familiar with the challenges newcomers face in adapting to unfamiliar surroundings.

She is passionate about supporting partners and spouses of expats, helping them  establish their lives in Switzerland swiftly and contentedly.

Her guiding philosophy: Transforming a stay abroad into a fulfilling, enriching adventure. 

Susanne is here to lend her hand as you navigate Switzerland's landscape. Together, let's unfold a remarkable chapter in your journey.

 The Agenda of the 5-day Workshop

Day 1: Live Session (Facebook live)

How to adapt to Switzerland

Day 2

Assignment and self-study

Day 3: Live Session (Facebook live)

How to design your Swiss lifestyle

Day 4

Assignment and self-study

Day 5: Live Session (Facebook live)

Crafting your Swiss journey

How will the 5 days unfold?

Starting January 20, you'll gain exclusive access to our dedicated private Facebook group.
Between your registration and the workshop kickoff, you will receive a bonus training via email, igniting your inspiration and momentum.

From January 22 onwards, we'll immerse ourselves in the heart of the workshop, unveiling your transformation journey with live sessions in our dedicated private Facebook group on Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning at 10am.

The comprehensive workshop is scheduled from January 22 to 26, designed to bring you transformative moments and "aha" realizations.

Join now and start your Swiss adventure right here!

22nd to 26th January 2024



  • Unlock Your Journey to Thriving in Switzerland! 
  • 3 Live Workshops Calls on Facebook
  • Better understand Swiss culture and seamlessly adapt to it
  • Dedicated private Facebook group - Expand your network with like-minded individuals who share your journey
  • Implement actionable strategies to boost your integration and sense of belonging

BONUS: E-Mail Training to ignite your inspiration and momentum

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Your questions - my answers:

What happens after I've registered for the workshop?

After your successful registration you will receive an email from Digistore24 confirming your payment. You will also receive a welcome message with information about the workshop.

How do I receive the contents and how can I participate in the training?

"Let's go Swiss in 5 days" is an intensive workshop.
Susanne will go live on 3 days in the Facebook group created specifically for this purpose. The calls will be live Facebook calls and you can interact with Susanne via the comments function. On the 2 days without a live call, you will work on short effective self-study assignments. Participants will have the possibility to ask questions in the live calls and in the Facebook group. The material in the Facebook group will be available to you for six months, including all exercises and Q&As.

How long will I have access to the workshop material?

Until August 31, 2024.

Will I get an individual coaching or support by Susanne?

Unfortunately, no. There will be Q&A sessions during the workshop, in which Susanne will answer your questions. If you want to dive deeper and receive more support, you're welcome to book your clarity conversation with Susanne here <<<<