Susanne Widmer

I am a visionary, slightly romantic, and deeply empathetic Swiss woman on a mission to empower expat partners to reclaim their strength. My purpose is to guide you in crafting the life you truly deserve and cherish.

Inspired by extensive experience in a multicultural environment

Born and raised in Lucerne, Switzerland, my own journey led me across various countries, including the USA, Finland, Russia, and England. Working, studying, and living abroad helped me cultivate an understanding of diverse cultures. I spent over a decade working for the Swiss foreign ministry, where I collaborated with expatriates from around the world, forging connections with both international citizens and locals alike.

My extensive experience in a multicultural environment inspired my passion for supporting partners and spouses of expats. I understand the unique challenges newcomers face when adapting to unfamiliar surroundings. My insights are drawn not only from professional expertise but from personal experience.

Passionate about supporting partners and spouses of expats

As a Swiss woman with a keen interest in international environments, I was shocked and saddened when I discovered that Switzerland often ranked poorly in expat surveys for hospitality and forming friendships. This revelation further fueled my commitment to assisting expat partners coming to Switzerland.

I am passionate about supporting partners and spouses of expats, helping them establish their lives in Switzerland swiftly and contentedly.

Guiding my clients with empathy, mindfulness, and intercultural sensitivity

With a background in Political Sciences from the University of Geneva, Switzerland, I hold certificates of advanced studies in coaching/mentoring and intercultural coaching, complemented by my recent achievement of a meditation teacher diploma. This diverse skill set helps me guide my clients with empathy, mindfulness, and intercultural sensitivity.

Beyond my career and coaching journey, I find joy in exploring the world through travel, discovering new countries and cultures. I cherish quality time with my family and practice dog sports with my flatcoated retriever.

My guiding philosophy:
Transforming your stay in Switzerland into a fulfilling, enriching adventure.

Let me take you by the hand as you navigate Switzerland's landscape. Together, let's unfold a remarkable chapter in your journey.